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Name: Laura Keidann Rodrigues da Silva
Country: Brazil
Languages you speak, studied or learned: Portuguese, English, Spanish, and French. I also studied a little bit of Dutch and German.
Language teaching here at UO: Portuguese
Language teaching you did at home: English and Portuguese
Favorite hobbies: Reading, watching TV shows and movies (I love dramas, comedies and musicals), practicing sports (tennis, swimming, running/walking), listening to music, computer programming. 

Why did you become an FLTA? Why did you come to Oregon?

I became an FLTA because I love language and cultural exchanges, and I thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to teach Portuguese as an additional language, to learn more about U.S. culture, and to meet people from all over the world! I had seen the experience of English Teaching Assistants in Brazil, and how much they contributed to our community, and I had heard amazing stories from previous FLTAs. I came to Oregon because it seemed like the perfect place for me (starting with the UO colors, which are the same as Brazil's!). The UO has a well-established language teaching program. I can learn from excellent professors and promote activities inside and outside the classroom. Plus, the nature in Oregon is breathtaking, and I can't get over it!

An interesting word or phrase from your language that just doesn't translate to English or other languages:

"Saudade" is a mix of melancholy, longing and nostalgia. It is the feeling of deeply missing something or someone.

Something you hope to do or try during your time here:

There are so many things! I hope to go on hikes to explore the outdoors, I want to get a good photo with the Duck, and I want to make Brazilian brigadeiros so that people here can get a taste of my favorite Brazilian dessert.

Anything else you would like to share:

Learning a new language can be challenging at times, but it is worth it!