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By YLC Staff
Tue, 05/07/2019 - 01:23

FLIS Home Page
Duck sports fans say it never rains in Autzen Stadium; duck language fans say something similar about FLIS:  "Faz sol sempre, il fait du soleil, daima ni jua." But usually we're too busy to talk about the weather (there's too much dancing, singing, game-playing, and, of course, eating going on).

This year's event was like many previous ones. Our high school visitors arrived early and were greeted to a wonderful talk by our keynote speaker, Dr. Mokaya Bosire, on the nature of language and the process of how to go about learning one (or two or three).

From that auspicious start, our 1000+ student visitors had a lot of choices to make as they navigated the UO's cavernous EMU. The program included more than 70 different presentations. Particularly popular sessions this year  included all perspectives on tea (German, Japanese, Middle Eastern) game playing (especially Korean) and all things dance, from traditional Thai to the Gumboot dances of the miners of South Africa.

Thank you to all of our presenters, attendees, and volunteers, especially to YLC coordinators Michelle Hefner and Hannah Angara.

For more information about FLIS XLII on May 1, 2020, contact us at 541-346-4011 or via email at