Help Make it Happen!
FLIS is Thursday, May 4th this year, and we're asking for your help in putting together this year's program.

We're seeking presentations involving language, literature, the arts, linguistics, cultural studies, folk culture, foreign travel, and study abroad. 

We would particularly love to see presentations involving the following:

  • A short language lesson or cultural point of interest.
  • A short talk regarding an area of academic interest or perhaps a recent trip.
  • An overview of your research—how might it help a high schooler better understand the benefits of language learning?

What’s Most Popular? Presentations that include student participation seem to have the biggest draw, but anything with a cross cultural focus appropriate for 15-18 year-olds is worth proposing. Students enjoy using their language skills!

For Example: Past presentations have included activities such as: French Theater, Italian mini Lesson, Chinese Calligraphy, Introduction to Arabic Handwriting, and many others. YLC staff will be delighted to help you put together a presentation.

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