World Languages Academy

The World Languages Academy (WLA) develops and nurtures less commonly taught languages with an aim to build them into self-sustaining regular university language programs. WLA courses are intensive (at least 5 hours per week of instruction), earn regular university credit, and, if two years of study are successfully completed, they fulfill the university's BA foreign language requirement.

The WLA has started programs in nine languages since 2006; five of these have now become regular BA-satisfying courses and/or programs at the university: Arabic, Korean, Portuguese, Sahaptin, and Swahili.

Two main factors drive the creation of a new language program in the WLA: academic fit and student demand. Each new language program is designed to complement a faculty or student interest in the area of the world where the language is spoken.

This academic year we won't be offering any courses; see the selfstudy listings for opportunities in other languages.