Welcome to the Yamada Language Center

UO alums encourage students to learn a second language from International Ducks on Vimeo.

We are the University of Oregon's resource center for language teaching and learning. UO offers regular (BA-satisfying) courses in 16 modern and classical languages, and additional instruction in 8 others.

YLC is also the home for the Selfstudy Language Program, an innovative program for the study of less commonly taught languages—if 3 students or more suggest a language, we find a qualified tutor and put together a program.

For students in regular language classes, you'll find audio and video materials associated with your course in our Virtual Language Lab (duckID required). Voiceboards speaking assignments are usually done through your Canvas course.

Links to YLC's core services (room reservations, language exchangevirtual language lab, etc.) can be found on this main page.  Let us help you make your language teaching/learning more meaningful and productive. Don't hesitate to contact us with questions.